My name is Daniel Auffret. I am a Manchester based Freelance Photographer interested in shooting Weddings, Christenings and parties as well as other occasions.

I have always had a passion for photography, and especially love photographing Weddings, while they can sometimes be a little stressful, seeing the joy on the Bride and Groom’s faces on their historic day and the all-round atmosphere is something special, and I enjoy being a part of that and being able to capture their memories for them.

As well as shooting all your special moments, I love taking pictures of/for my friends and family, especially my little boy, who doesn’t really understand what his daddy’s doing, but plays along anyway (most of the time) and as you can see from my portfolio I’ve managed to capture some captivating photos, that I personally treasure.

I’m relatively new to the industry in a professional capacity but as previously stated it has always been a passion of mine and as such I am constantly looking for ways to improve and better myself and I have tried to reflect that within the prices that I offer. 

I look forward to capturing the moments worth capturing so please contact me to arrange a session/event or pre-event meeting. Thank you for your consideration.

Daniel Auffret.